We're more than just a place to get new "quality wood flooring" installed. We are highly skilled craftsmen who handle an array of techniques to give you the custom treatment!

At our very basic, we install new wood floors to fit perfectly in your home or business, making you smile every time you see it. Our flooring comes in all types, from exotic species of wood to grand American standards like oak, walnut, maple, cherry and hickory. We offer prefinished and unfinished flooring options to be finished onsite.

Of course, wood floors must be maintained properly to last through the years, and we offer waxing services for old and new wood flooring.

Things happen; we help you make them go away. Maybe your dog had an issue with a corner of your dining room that you just can't seem to get back to the original beauty. Perhaps you've bought that cozy, turn-of-the-century project to refurbish, and now that you've put in central air and heat, you want to get those old registers out of the floors. Moved or knocked out a wall? What do you do for that ugly strip of missing or damaged flooring?
    Call us. We can patch that spot, using woods that match the original coloring and age to maintain the consistency. It's like it never happened.

Your hardwood floor doesn't have to be in a bad state to need maintenance. In addition to waxing, we can recoat and refinish the floor to restore its beauty and extend its life.

Give us a call or contact us to learn more details about what we can do. Quality Wood Flooring can do... for you!